01-11-18 Non-Alcoholic Homebrew?

Homebrewer Brock Masters shares his experiment attempting to remove alcohol from a hoppy homebrew while preserving the freshness of the flavor and aroma.

01-04-18 6 O’CLOCK Brews

Author Peter Symons shares his second book, "6 O'CLOCK Brews: Home Brewing More Old Australian Beers," which includes recipes for historic Australian beers and some of the British imports that influenced them.

12-21-17 Brewing Disasters

James and Steve read stories of woe from listeners as they share brewing disasters from the past year.

12-14-17 Tasting Superior Bathhouse Brewery

We sip beers with Rose Schweikhart of Superior Bathhouse Brewery in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, and get some tips on brewing some tasty beers.

12-07-17 Unusual Ingredients

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Journal and author of Methods of Modern Homebrewing, gives us advice on when and where to use interesting ingredients to bring some unique flavor to our beer.

11-30-17 Lost 40 Barrel Beers

Grant Chandler from Lost 40 Brewing in Little Rock shares some delicious beers aged in barrels and brewed with fun ingredients, such as honeysuckle, strawberries, and locally harvested yeast.

11-16-17 Against All Hops

Butch Heilshorn, author of "Against All Hops: Techniques and Philosophy for Creating Extraordinary Botanical Beers," tells us how he brews new beers with roots to the past.

11-09-17 JJ’s Brewing Company

We visit JJ's Brewing Company in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to talk to Jennifer "Muck" Muckerman and Andrew Porter about brewing American Lagers and other beers to convert customers to local brews.

11-02-17 Saison Yeast Experiment

Homebrewer Joe Covey shares his Saison experiment comparing a split wort fermented with Safbrew T-58 and Danstar Belle Saison yeasts.

10-26-17 Blood Beer

Homebrewer James Sandford talks about how he and his wife, Lucy, rose to the challenge to brew a beer with powdered pig's blood.