01-10-19 Mead Yeast Sampler – US-05, S-33, BE-134

Steve splits a batch of mead and pitches three different dry beer yeasts to test the effects of each.

01-03-19 Ivory Bill Brewing

We visit Ivory Bill Brewing in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, where long-time friend of the podcast, Casey Letellier, and his partner, Dorothy Hall, are serving up delicious open-fermented, gluten-reduced, English-inspired beers.

12-20-18 Annual Disaster Show

Steve and James read a ton of letters about homebrewing disasters from listeners across the globe.

12-13-18 Hop Sampler – Lemondrop, German Mandarina Bavaria, and Simcoe

Steve and James taste a batch of hops chosen by Steve's son, Chase, and introduce the concept of Hop Stand Bittering Units (HSBUs).

12-06-18 Loki Yeast Temperature Experiment

Casey Helwig and Jess Caudill from Imperial Organic Yeast help James and Steve evaluate an experiment fermenting a kveik strain at two different temperatures.

11-29-18 AHA 40th Anniversary

American Homebrew Association Director Gary Glass joins us to talk about four decades of the AHA, ongoing homebrew legislation issues, and the upcoming Homebrew Con and National Homebrew Competition.

11-15-18 Hop Sampler – Centennial, Citra, Galaxy

In our fifth show of the series, we taste some higher alpha hops and get a surprise result.

11-08-18 Competition Karate

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Journal, shares his strategies to take home more hardware from homebrew competitions.

11-01-18 IBUs vs Wort Gravity and Hop Stand Temps

Dr. Chris Hamilton of Hillsdale College in Michigan shares results of his experiments testing the effects of increased wort gravity and different hop stand temperatures on IBU measurements. He also updates us on his research with Clarity Ferm on gluten in beer.

10-25-18 Chiller Flow Experiment

Engineer Alex Roberts helps James conduct an experiment looking at the effect of varying the flow rate of water through an immersion chiller when chilling wort.