04-23-20 Isolation Cooking with Beer

Phil Nigash, formerly of My Life as a Foodie - now of cyclingoc.com, talks with James about smart cooking with beer during social distancing.

04-16-20 Hop Sampler – Tettnanger, EKG, Hallertau Blanc

James and Steve practice social distancing while sampling three tasty hops from the Old World.

04-09-20 Defending Brown Ales

Adam Ross, head brewer at Twin Span Brewing, brings a counterpoint defense of Brown Ales in response to Chris Colby's previous rant.

04-02-20 Brown Ale or Brown Fail

Homebrew author Chris Colby gives us tips on brewing the best example of his least favorite style of beer.

03-26-20 Lilly Belle Meads

Tricia and Joe Marshall of Lilly Belle Meads in Lancaster, New York, share five delicious honey-based beverages. Our friend, Paul Morstad, helps to sample.

03-19-20 Malt Sampler – Maris Otter, Golden Promise, Briess Pale Ale

James and Steve venture into the future with a new series, comparing three malts brewed in small batches.

03-12-20 Guile Brews

Homebrewing author Peter Symons talks about his latest historical exploration of beers, Guile Brews, which contains more than a hundred years of recipes from the UK and Ireland.

03-05-20 Homebrew Con and AHA Update

Gary Glass, director of the American Homebrewers Association, joins us to preview Homebrew Con in Nashville in June and other AHA-related topics.

02-27-20 Fort Smith Brewing Company

James travels to the old Fort Chaffee Army base that has a rock 'n roll history and talks to brewer Quintin Willard about his beers and Arkansas Craft Beer Week.

02-20-20 Hop Sampler – Sterling, Triumph, Horizon

Steve and James sample another round of single-hopped small batches, adding some time in the boil to the recipe.