07-13-17 Boom Island Brewing

Kevin Welch of Boom Island Brewing in Minneapolis has turned passion for music and Belgian beers into a commercial operation designed to carry on a long tradition.

07-06-17 Hop Chronicles and Club Night

We meet up with the Brulosophy crew at HomebrewCon in Minneapolis to evaluate two varieties of hops, and we chat with brewers and brewing experts on the Club Night floor.

05-25-17 Hop Timing Experiment

Steve Wilkes and Casey Letellier help James evaluate an experiment comparing three beers with single hop additions at 60 minutes, 30 minutes and flameout.

05-18-17 Earthbound Beer

Stuart Keating gives us brewing tips and explains why his brewery brews beers described as the "smallest and weirdest" in St. Louis.

05-11-17 Brewing Kombucha

Phil Nigash of the podcast My Life As a Foodie joins us to talk about restarting his show and getting into brewing kombucha at home.

05-04-17 Sean Terrill Attenuation Study

Sean Terrill of Two Mile Brewing in Leadville, Colorado, talks about his study and article examining the effect of mash temperature on attenuation rates of three yeast strains.

04-27-17 Fruit Flavor Additions

Homebrewer Jamie Conway joins James and Steve as they taste beers and meads with different approaches to integrating fruit character.

04-20-17 Step Mashing

Chris Colby of Beer and Wine Journal gets into the details about step mashing and how we can use it to control the character of our beers.

04-13-17 Recipe Formulation: Playing with Gravity

James and Steve sit down during a brew day to talk about how to calculate and predict starting and finishing gravity levels of beers.

04-06-17 Indiana Water Experiment

Homebrewer Aaron Winey shares his experiment brewing an American blonde ale using water from four different sources.