03-15-18 RIS Collaboration

James and Steve sample a big bourbon-barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout that they contributed to and talk to barrel owner and project coordinator Reece Morrison.

03-08-18 DC Homebrewers Adjunct Experiment

Omar Al-Nidawi, education co-chair of the DC Homebrewers Club, talks about an experiment comparing a dozen different brewing adjuncts. James and Steve are joined by Reece Morrison to sample.

03-01-18 Hop Stand Temperature Experiment

James and Steve sample and evaluate a small batch experiment comparing three beers brewed with hop stands set at different temperatures.

02-22-18 SQZBX Brewery and Pizza Joint

Brewer Zac Smith likes his beer like he likes his pizza and radio: local. James talks to Zac about his Reinheitsgebot-inspired approach to brewing quaffable session beers.

02-15-18 A Year of Red IPA

Homebrewer Chris McKenzie wanted to perfect a recipe for Red IPA, so he brewed nothing but that style for a whole year. Then, he sent his beer to a competition to see what the judges thought.

02-08-18 American Solera

We visit American Solera in Tulsa, which was named Best New Brewery in the U.S. in 2016 by RateBeer, and talk to founder Chase Healey about hoppy, fruity, and funky beers.

02-01-18 John Palmer on NEIPA

John Palmer, author of How to Brew, shares brewing tips for one of the most controversial styles today - New England IPA.

01-25-18 AHA Update with Gary Glass

AHA Director Gary Glass updates us on the National Homebrew Competition, HomebrewCon, and who homebrews nowadays.

01-18-18 Milk Stout, Autumn Seasonal, and Saison Experiments

James talks about the results of a trio of split batch experiments using different strains of yeast with homebrewer Joe Covey.

01-11-18 Non-Alcoholic Homebrew?

Homebrewer Brock Masters shares his experiment attempting to remove alcohol from a hoppy homebrew while preserving the freshness of the flavor and aroma.