10-25-18 Chiller Flow Experiment

Engineer Alex Roberts helps James conduct an experiment looking at the effect of varying the flow rate of water through an immersion chiller when chilling wort.

10-18-18 Ricky the Meadmaker, Too Controversial

Ricky the Meadmaker from Groennfell Meadery in Vermont talks about an article detailing his techniques that was deeemed "too controversial" to print.

10-11-18 Makgeolli – Korean Rice Wine

Homebrewer Tommy Caillouet introduces us to an easy-to-brew alcoholic rice beverage that has its roots in ancient Korea.

10-04-18 Wheat and Rye Flour Experiment

Homebrewer Brook Baber drew upon his background as a baker to brew beers using wheat and rye flour in the mash.

09-27-18 Spontaneous Sours Hopping Rate Experiment

Homebrewer Caleb Buck of archaicpursuit.com shares some delicious sour beers and startling early results of his sour IBU experiment.

09-20-18 Hop Sampler – Crystal, Glacier, German Huell Melon

James and Steve taste the fourth in the series featuring single hops brewed into three small batches.

09-13-18 Fal Allen on Brewing Gose

Anderson Valley Brewing Company brewmaster Fal Allen talks about his new book, Gose: Brewing a Classic German Beer for the Modern Era.

09-06-18 Mead Yeast Experiment

Steve shares an experiment fermenting a split batch of mead with three dry wine yeasts.

08-30-18 Mead Bottle Pasteurization Experiment

Home meadmaker Tim Leber shares his experiment using sous vide to pasteurize mead after bottling.

08-23-18 Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Club

Homebrewers Joe Morris, Ed Golden and Bob Keifer join us to share their techniques and recipes for brewing delicious beers without gluten.