Archive for April, 2020

04-30-20 Keptinis and Other Oven Beers

Lars Marius Garshol, author of Larsblog and Historical Brewing Techniques – The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing, talks about his work documenting traditional beers and trying duplicate them at home.

04-23-20 Isolation Cooking with Beer

Phil Nigash, formerly of My Life as a Foodie – now of, talks with James about smart cooking with beer during social distancing.

04-16-20 Hop Sampler – Tettnanger, EKG, Hallertau Blanc

James and Steve practice social distancing while sampling three tasty hops from the Old World.

04-09-20 Defending Brown Ales

Adam Ross, head brewer at Twin Span Brewing, brings a counterpoint defense of Brown Ales in response to Chris Colby’s previous rant.