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05-30-19 Hop Sampler – Saaz, Cashmere, Green Bullet

James and Steve add a bonus round to the hop sampler as they taste three hops that you’d think would be easy to pick out.

05-23-19 Stouts vs Porters

Chris Colby of Beer and Wine Journal explores our favorite dark beers and gives us recipe tips. Also, Gary Glass of the AHA shares a homebrew legislation update.

05-16-19 Tulsa Craft Beer Invitational

We travel to the parking lot of High Gravity (Pippin’s Taproom) to sample from commercial breweries and homebrewers across Oklahoma.

05-09-19 African Guest Sampler

Homebrewer Steve Frank submits our first guest Hop Sampler ever, featuring African Queen, Southern Aroma, Southern Passion and Sabro.

05-02-19 Core Homecoming

Homebrewer and alumnus of Basic Brewing Radio, Jamie Conway, joins the team at Core Brewing, where they’re refocusing their company’s priorities.