Archive for May, 2018

05-31-18 Eclectic IPA with Dick Cantwell

Brewer and author Dick Cantwell talks about his book, Eclectic IPA: Pushing the Boundaries of India Pale Ale, which includes IPA recipes with fruit, vegetables, spices, and other tasty ingredients.

05-24-18 Hop Sampler – Apollo, Calypso, and Experimental 07270

James and Steve go round two into comparing small batches brewed with single hops. This week increases the alpha acids with Apollo, Calypso, and Experimental 07270.

05-17-18 Brut IPA

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Journal and author of The Home Brew Recipe Bible and The Methods of Modern Homebrewing, introduces us to a new dry, sparkling version of our favorite style.

05-10-18 Jesse Gagnon at West Mountain

The former head brewer at Ozark Beer Company talks about why he shifted his career path toward a smaller place and shares beers and tips.

05-03-18 Hop Sampler – Cascade, Cluster and Mount Hood

James and Steve break in a new feature to the podcast by sampling small batches brewed with Cascade, Cluster and Mount Hood hops.