Archive for August, 2017

08-31-17 Imperial Organic Yeast

Owen Lingley, Jess Caudill and Jason Stepper from Imperial Organic Yeast talk about their fairly new company and answer questions from listeners.

08-24-17 Ozark Beer – Berliner, Bucky, and BDCS

Ozark Beer founder, Andy Coates, and head brewer, Jesse Gagnon, talk new building, yogurt-soured Berliner Weisse, Buckminster Fuller-inspired beer, and Bourbon Double Cream Stout.

08-17-17 Home Lab Isolation and Propagation

Zack Taggart, lab manager at 42 North Brewing, continues his presentation on setting up a homebrew lab by talking about isolating and propagating yeast and bacteria.

08-10-17 Ryan Richardson Mead

Ryan Richardson of The Mead House podcast shares half a dozen fun and delicious meads.

08-03-17 56 Brewing

Nick Chute, head brewer of 56 Brewing in Minneapolis, shares some delicious beers and some tips on how to brew similar ones at home.