Archive for November, 2016

12-01-16 Steve’s Brew Shop

Steve Wilkes is now the owner of a shiny new local homebrew shop in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He talks about the process of starting the shop and plans for the future.

11-17-16 Hoppy Sour Beers

Mad Fermentationist Mike Tonsmeire shares his techniques for brewing tart beers with lots of hop character, and he samples three interpretations from James.

11-10-16 Bryggerhuset Pilot Brewery Part Two

We continue the discussion with Gard Karlsnes, who runs the pilot brewery at Aass Brewery in Norway. This time, we sample a ginger beer and Christmas stout. Part two of two.

11-03-16 Bryggerhuset Pilot Brewery Part One

Gard Karlsnes runs the pilot brewery at Aass Brewery in Norway and is expanding its horizons beyond Reinheitsgebot roots. Part one of two.