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09-29-16 Brewing Local – American Grown Beer

Author Stan Hieronymus talks about his latest book that takes a look at how American brewers are using local ingredients to put their stamp on our favorite beverage.

09-22-16 Bluejacket/The Arsenal

Josh Chapman, head brewer of Bluejacket in Washington DC, shows us around what Mike Tonsmeire describes as the “Disney World of Brewpubs.”

09-15-16 Managing Tannins

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Journal and author of The Homebrew Recipe Bible, walks us through tannins: when they’re good or bad and how to control them in our beer.

09-08-16 Groennfell and Havoc Meaderies

Ricky the Meadmaker returns to the program with his wife and business partner, Kelly Klein, to share some wonderful “beer-strength” meads and tips for our own meads.