Archive for March, 2016

03-31-16 Common Sense Brewing

James moderates a panel from NZHC with Tasty McDole, Will Gallaspy and Nick Wiseman on brewing with common sense.

03-24-16 Nelson Marchfest Brew-Off

We head to New Zealand for the first homebrew conference in Nelson and take part in a brewing demonstration.

03-17-16 Episode 500

While James, Andy and Chris head to New Zealand, we celebrate our first 500 episodes with this look back.

03-10-16 More Sour Hybrids

Homebrewer James Sites shares another round of his tasty sour beer and wine hybrids fermented with his own house sour culture.

03-03-16 Springtime Hop Care

James Altwies of Gorst Valley Hops give us some excellent advice on making sure our homegrown hops get a good start on the season.