Archive for August, 2015

08-27-15 Barrel Progression Experiment

Father and son homebrewing team, Nick and Curt Kiest, share their experiment aging a series of beers in an eight gallon oak whiskey barrel.

08-20-15 Hefeweizen Pitching Rate Experiment

Homebrewer Dennis Pike shares his experiment comparing the effects of three different yeast pitching rates on hefeweizen.

08-13-15 Bread Yeast Mead and Crock Pot Bochet

Tim Leber joins us with an experiment evaluating bread yeast in mead and shares burnt honey mead made in a Crock Pot. Also, a surprise habanero mead.

08-06-15 Modern Times Brewing

We visit Modern Times Brewing in San Diego to talk to Jacob McKean and Michael Tonsmeire about starting a brewery based on homebrew, roasting and brewing with coffee, and sour beers, of course.