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Space beer, Rose Fest beer, street fairs and IPAs: craft beer events for May 29-June 4

Soccer, cider, craft beer, street fairs, the Most Interesting Lager in the World and a one-mile beer run: it’s all part of your busy Beervanan beer week…

Anchor Steam, America’s first craft beer, celebrates 50 years with ‘Drink Steam’

Anchor Steam was the first craft beer I ever drank, well before that term was invented, and it remains a daily favorite. In fact, if someone forced me to choose just one beer out of the thousands available, there’s an excellent chance it’d have …

The house that Hefeweizen built: 100 days of Hefe celebrates Widmer’s flagship craft beer

Widmer Brothers Brewing will be giving away a bike every day for 100 days in the Portland area this summer as part of the brewery’s second "100 Days of Hefe," which starts Thursday afternoon at the Dublin Pub.

05-28-15 Feeding Big Beers

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Journal, talks about increasing alcohol content of beers by feeding the yeast added sugar in the fermenter.

Your midweek in craft beer includes tastings, release parties and tap takeovers

Beervana’s summer begins with a bunch of great beer events, including the Portland release of an Ecliptic/Dogfish Head collaboration beer.

The best pubs are part of the community: Plew’s Brews to raise money for St. Johns bookstore

I make no effort to hide my love and admiration for Plew’s Brews. Yes, it’s a friendly, funky pub and the beers are great, but more than that, it’s the hub about which its art/music community revolves – a bit like the Laurelthirst of St. Johns. …

Memorial Day Weekend: Bikes and beer; chocolate and beer; aged beer; garage sales and more

Planning to stay in town this Memorial Day weekend? You won’t get bored or go thirsty…

Northeast Portland’s new cider pub; new ciders; and Rogue’s new PSU craft beer

It’s a fine night for new ciders — and don’t forget about the release of Rogue’s new beer in honor of PSU grads…

Anchor Liberty: America’s first craft pale ale now in cans to celebrate 40 years

Any concerns about the recent ownership change at Anchor Brewing Co. are being assuaged by some great new beers such as Anchor Summer Wheat and my new fave, Anchor California Lager, both of which are available in cans — as is the beer that sta…

05-21-15 Stout Chemistry Brulosophy Experiment

Malcolm Frazer, contributor to, shares his experiment brewing a dry Irish stout with water chemistry suited for stouts and for pale ales.