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It’s not too late to get in on Portland’s best craft beer party: Fred Fest tickets still available

Is it CBC burnout or just further proof that Portland is a walk-up town when it comes to advance tickets? Whatever the reason, the fact that there are still some tickets left for Sunday’s Fred Fest at this late date is a rare opportunity for cr…

Women’s collaboration ale, Lompoc’s saison and more on midweek craft beer schedule

You have beer release parties and tap takeovers to add to your midweek schedule.

Consumers say ‘No’ to new Bud Light label and campaign

Anheuser-Busch backed down quickly in the face of a Twitterstorm that had consumers vowing to remove "Bud Light" from their vocabularies — and shopping lists, more importantly…

04-30-15 Ginger Trifecta

Three ginger-infused beers: Half-pound half-boiled ginger beer from Steve Wilkes, ginger-wasabi beer from homebrewer Dan McCarthy, and Soulless Ginger from Apple Blossom Brewing Company.

Portland’s Unipiper gets his own craft-brewed IPA

Try UnipIPA at the Cinco de Mayo release party at the Green dragon…

There are still special beers to sample from the Craft Brewers Conference: beer events for the week of April 24-30

There are still some great beers left to taste from CBC week, plus a new taproom opens Saturday in historic Oregon City.

Fred Fest honors one of the founders of American craft brewing

We wouldn’t be drinking all this great beer if it weren’t for the efforts of Fred Eckhardt.

04-23-15 Porch Experiments

James and Steve sit on the porch and evaluate two experiments: US 05 vs Nottingham yeast and the effect of a 30-minute boil on an all grain pale ale.

New Portland craft beers: Saison tonight, Spanish cedar IPA Thursday

Two new beers to try this week…

U of Portland: online advanced business strategy classes for craft brewers

U of P’s new online business strategy course is a sign that the craft brewing industry is maturing.