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Southeast Portland’s Scout Beer Garden pours the first two of its own craft beers

Scout Beer Garden co-owner and brewer Joe St. Martin has dreamed of having his own spot where he can his own beers — call that a dream realized on this sunny last Saturday in February, when the Scout Beer Garden taps at 28th & Division pour his first two beers brewed for the food cart, a peanut butter porter, and a red ale brewed with marion berries. And yes, they can be mixed to create the beer equivalent of a PB&J.

Stormbreaker’s new Brewstillery festival showcases craft beer and artisan spirits

Beer and spirits, beer and live music, stouts, triple IPAs and some California beer named Pliny…it’s a full week ahead.

Great craft beers in store: JV Northwest delivers new brewhouse to the new Commons Brewery location

The Commons Brewery, one of Portland’s favorite young breweries, is moving to a big new space Southeast Belmont Street and Seventh Avenue. The 10,000 square-foot space is three times larger than the current brewery tasting room and the plan is t…

Mid-week beer events: tart fruit beers, double IPAs, tap takeovers and Mongers aging gracefully

Lots to do wednesday and thursday for craft beer and cider fans.

02-26-15 Blonde Ale Experiment

Homebrewer Dan Kuczmarski joins us again to share his experiment fermenting a blonde ale with four different yeast strains.

Full Sail employee/owners will vote on merger with investment group

Full Sail CEO Irene Firmat and Executive Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson announced today that the 80 or so current and former employee owners of Full Sail Brewing will vote by early March on a possible merger with an investment group called Oregon Cra…

Stone’s Old Guardian Barleywine comes in two versions this year

Hopheads rejoice: Stone’s already hoppy Old Guardian barleywine is available in an extra hoppy, dry-hopped version for 2015.

First, have fun: McMenamins Hillsdale Brewfest embodies the spirit of Oregon craft brewing

Today’s Hillsdale Brewfest perfectly embodies the McMenamins attitude toward beer and brewing: make it good, brew it clean, don’t get hung up in exact beer styles and have fun. Above all, don’t forget the crucial ingredients of imagination and a…

This week: celebrate big beers, black beers, firkin beers, tart beers and the 2,000 days of Mongers

This week includes festivals for just about everything from Russian Imperial Stouts to clam chowder to tart fruit beers, plus Sierra Nevada’s newest beers at Hillsboro’s new taproom and 2000 days in a row for a Southeast Portland favorite, the B…

Widmer’s 30 beers for 30 years nears the end with Pitch Black IPA, KGB Imperial Stout

Widmer Brothers Brewing celebrated its 30th anniversary by bringing back 30 historically significant beers from the vaults. It’s been a gift to Oregon beer fans, a reminder of the depth of talent and brewing passion that reside at Oregon’s large…