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Scot cider maker at Bushwhacker tonight

Meet Peter Stuart from the award-winning Scottish farmhouse cidery Thistly Cross.

Sour beers, Radlers, Pre-Pro lagers, bike parades & more: your beer week for Aug. 29 – Sept. 4

sour beers, radlers, bike parades pre-Pro lagers and more this week…

Alameda celebrates 18 years, Lompoc releases SaazAll Pils

You’ve got a fine Wednesday ahead of you.;..

Ninkasi announces fall releases: Oktoberfest & Venn

Ninkasi announces a couple of fine new lagers to look forward to this fall…

Oregon is the #1 beer state according to Thrillist

An affirmation of what you already suspected…

Deschutes Cultivateur saison is well worth the search

Deschutes will release 20 oak-aged beers this year, including this wonderful saison — you may still find bottles at the Portland Pub, or even be lucky enough —as I was — to find it on draft there.

The next Brewers Exchange: New Zealand brewers featured at 2015 OBF

The international brewers exchange continues with a contingent of New Zealand brewers slated to come to the 2015 OBF.

Fresh Hop season begins: Beer events for the week of Aug. 22-28

2014 Fresh Hop season begins with the hop harvest at Lucky Lab: soon, fresh hop beers will be on tap all around town.

Meet Claim 52 Brewing at Saraveza, taste Beer Camp beers at C-Bar

Two fine beer events for your Wednesday evening…

08-21-14 Michigan Water Experiment

Homebrewer Alex Baker shares his experiment brewing the same recipe with water from different springs across Michigan.