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The Commons releases Trillium Thursday

The Commons releases Trillium Thursday in bottles and limited draft at the tasting room.

Two new breweries open this weekend: Beer events for June 27-July 3

Two new breweries open in Portland this week, Baerlic and Ex Novo…plus the usual wealth of tastings, tappings, festivals and all the rest that make this place Beervana.

First EOBF was a success: Eastern Oregon gets the beer festival it deserves

Like everywhere else in the state, Eastern Oregon’s beer scene is growing, it’s just that bit harder to reach a Beervana-like critical mass in the the gorgeous, wide-open spaces out east, which is why the first EOBF was such fun

Lompoc release, Rev. Nat’s tap takeover tonight

While we’re waiting for the NAOBF to start tomorrow, here are a couple of beer events tonight….

Have another sour beer instead: new study shows Lactobacillus in white bread wards off digestive problems

From again…reasons why white bread may be good for you — but aren’t there other sources of lactobacillus? Such as many tart and sour beers? The choice is clear…Wonder Bread or a great sour beer, which probably also has more B vi…

Westsiders take note: new brewery & pub slated to open in Beaverton this fall

The nearly 10,000 square foot establishment is owned by local entrepreneur and Oregon native Kevin Brannon, who was founder, president and CEO of Fredrick Brewing Company in Fredrick, Maryland from 1991 to 1999.

From the problem with wine tasting

Adam Rogers wrote a fascinating piece in Salon — distilled from his 2014 book "Proof; the Science of Booze" — on just how hard it is to accurately describe and qualify flavors and aromas in wine tasting, and how few people — including the self-appointed experts — can really do it accurately…I present an excerpt here as a cautionary tale to expert beer tasters — I’m sure there are some (not me, I’ve never claimed to be) but I’m equally sure that not all who claim to be great tasters actually are…

Cider Journal: artisan cider gets its own publication

With Portland Cider Week underway, here’s a new online publication devoted to artisinal ciders and cider makers.

Cider Fest NW, Blues & Brews in the Gorge, Barley Mill’s 31st: beer events for the week of June 20-26

Cider week, McMenamin’s 31st birthday, Blues & Brews in the Gorge, a new festival in LaGrande and the Organic Beer fest starts next Thursday…lots to do…

McMenamins 31st Anniversary Ale: It’s a family affair

At the Barley Mill’s 31st anniversary Saturday, you’ll taste Max’s Lanson ESB — here’s the story behind its 60 or more added ingredients, all chosen and celebrated by a group of longtime employees, family and friends…