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A first: craft beer outsells A-B, Miller/Coors in Portland

based on numbers reported in Craft Beer News, and a good story it is: With an overall increase of 3.8 share (16.3 percent increase in dollar sales), craft now owns a 45.8 percent dollar share of the Portland market. Anheuser-Busch and MillerCo…

Two more wednesday beer events

Now you’ve got five choices to make for the evening’s pint…

April goes out like a lion with strong saisons, 200 homebrews and dosed beers at CPR

Here are at least three Portland beer events with which to end your April…

Cool School: L&C students brew with Breakside brewers

Ben Edmunds and Sam Barber helped three teams of L&C students design and brew beers for a recent project and you can try the beer now at either Breakside location

Homebrewers rally at the Green Dragon Sunday, national Big Brew next Saturday

Today’s homebrewer rally is one of several around the country sponsored by the American Homebrewers Association…and prelude to next Saturday’s Big Brew, which has events all over the country

Trundle out your best pigs-in-a-blanket recipe for the BeerMongers PIB Challenge Sunday

Talented amateur and pro chefs ring the changes on one of the world’s great comfort food, pigs in a blanket

Oregon Garden Brewfest turns ten: the Beer Here for the week of April 25-May 1

Oregon Garden Brewfest in Silverton, Belgians at Roscoes, beers for King Willem on Saturday and homebrewer rally at the Dragon on Sunday…

Celebrate Zig Zag River Lager and the return of Portland Brewing

Things have changed at Portland Brewing since the days of Mac MacTarnahan, Fred Bowman, Art Larrance and crew, but the new owners deserve full credit for bringing back a great old name and many of the beers we loved, including Zig Zag River Lag…

Brewers push back at FDA proposal to regulate spent grain

Brewing good beer results in a lot of spent grain. Some of it can and is reused in bread and pizza crust, but that accounts for a tiny fraction — most of it is given to dairy and other farmers for the effort of hauling it away, and they use it…

04-24-14 BIAB Legacy

Brew in a Bag pioneer Pat Hollingdale and Brew in a Bag enthusiast Bob Stempski talk about the legacy of the technique and the myths surrounding it.