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Benfest III tonight

Benfest III tonight

A record 85,000 people celebrated the 26th annual Oregon Brewers Festival

08-01-13 Fruit Juicer Experiment

Homebrewer Jameson Parker shares his experiment exploring whether it makes a difference to run fruit through a juicer before adding to beer.

Another list: The Daily Meal’s 25 best U.S. craft breweries

This week: No-Li, MdV tastings, BenFest III and pFriem’s first anniversary party

Fringe Fest, OBF, Corvallis Craft Beer picnic Saturday

OBF 2013: best beer list yet

OBF, Fringe Fest and more: The Beer Here for the week of July 26- August 1

Tonight: 10 Barrel at Saraveza, Jamie Floyd at Upper Lip, North Coast at Apex