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12-01-11 Fermenter Experiment Results

James and Chris Colby, editor of Brew Your Own magazine, go over the data from the experiment comparing different fermenter types.

Lompoc Holiday release party Tuesday: nine special beers…

‘Marvel of Industrial Chemistry’ a 1933 Popular Science article on beer production

Winter’s best — the Holiday Ale Fest — starts soon: The Beer Here

BeerMongers: your Thanksgiving and Black Friday refuge

New York Times tasting panel picks Cascade Kriek as #1 sour beer

Widmer predicts snow, Walking Man turns 11, strong ales in Eugene; The Beer Here for the week of Nov. 18

Lompoc previews the many beers of Christmas: release party Nov. 29 at the Sidebar

Fort George releases Cavatica Stout in cans at BeerMongers Thursday

11-17-11 Brewing Software II

James and Steve read listener recommendations about software designed to better your brew.