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Hopworks releases Galactic Imperial Red Wednesday with party at Ground Kontrol

Deschutes, Boulevard brewers introduce collaborative White IPA to Portland

Another new pub soon: Portland U-Brew & Pub passes final city inspection

Roscoe’s Belgians, BP’s Stumptown Tart, Beermonger Sean’s Birthday: The Beer Here for May 27

05-26-11 BYO-BBR Glassware Experiment

Will glassware affect the character of your beer? Chris Colby, editor of Brew Your Own magazine, joins James and Steve to investigate.

Full Sail co-founder Irene Firmat wins Small Business Association of Portland award

Esquire magazine includes Spirit of 77 on its best bars list

Apple Pie is on deck for next Tap-It Tuesday at Cascade Barrel House

Hale’s Super Goose IPA wins Concordia’s Washington Challenge

Hopworks Bike Bar set to open in mid-June on North Williams Ave.