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The Beer Here print column, Feb 25

02-24-11 Lagering Alternatives

James and BYO Editor Chris Colby get together to chat about different ways to keep your lagers chilly during fermentation.

Mix Magazine article: The rise of the Nanos

The Beer Here: Zwickelmania, meet the brewers, Barley’s Angels

Bend Ale Trail now has a smart phone app

Yet another picture perfect pint…

Busy in Beervana: Pike Brewing founders visit…

02-17-11 Homebrew Legislation Update

AHA Director Gary Glass brings us up to date on legislation across the country dealing with our favorite hobby. Gary also talks about the upcoming National Homebrewers Conference in San Diego.

Hopworks celebrates Wednesday ‘Drinking Made Easy’ episode with buck beers

Full Sail celebrates release of newest Brewer’s Share, The Revelator