Archive for April, 2008

04-24-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Homegrown Hops Revisited

Chris Colby, editor of Brew Your Own magazine, answers questions from listeners about growing hops in containers and other home growing issues.

04-17-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Brewer Michael Lalli of Choc Beer

James and Steve sit down with the head brewer of the largest brewery in Oklahoma to share beers and tips on how to brew better beers.

PDF: Light Absorption by Various Beer Bottle Glass

This is Brad Sturgeon’s paper showing effectiveness of colored glass on absorbing light harmful to beer.

04-10-08 Basic Brewing Radio – The Science of Skunking

Chemistry professor Brad Sturgeon of Monmouth College explains the science behind beer skunking and what kind of glass is best to protect against it.

04-03-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Tasmanian Hop Harvest

Matt Kirkegaard, editor of Beer and Brewer Magazine fills us in on the state of the hop harvest in Australia and tells us about the beer and brewing culture in his part of the world.