Archive for March, 2008

03-27-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Homebrew Goes to College

Dr. Andrew McMichael of Western Kentucky University tells us about his History and Science of Beer and Brewing course that incorporates home brewing.

03-20-08 Basic Brewing Radio – What Is an IBU . . . Really?

John Palmer, author of How to Brew, shares information from a conference that challenged his concept of what defines an International Bitterness Unit (IBU).

03-13-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Belgian Sugar Experiment II

The Mad Fermentationist Michael Tonsmeire leads us through the second round of his tasty experiments using different sugars in Belgian Beers.

03-06-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Brewing Italian Style

Italian home brewer and beer podcaster Tony Manzi gives us a virtual tour of the beer and home brewing scene in his country.