Archive for February, 2008

02-28-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Hop Update and Hybrid Sparging

Chris Colby from Brew Your Own Magazine gives some advice on hop substitution and tells us about a hybrid sparging method between batch and fly. Also, we get an update on the Utah home brewing legislation from Douglas Wawrzynski.

02-21-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Is Homebrew Good for You?

Steve Wilkes talks about the health effects of homebrew and beer in general with nutritionist Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg of the University of Arkansas. Also, we check in on Utah brewing legislation with home brewer Douglas Wawrzynski.

02-14-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Homebrew History

Charlie Papazian shares a bit of homebrew history 30 years after legislation legalizing home brewing passed Congress. Also, home brewer Robb Holmes talks about brewing when it was breaking the law.

02-07-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Advanced Yeast Handling

Home brewer Anthony Fischer gives James and Steve an overview of advanced yeast storage and propagation techniques he uses in the lab.