Archive for January, 2008

01-31-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Contest, Letters, “World’s Best Beer”

James, Steve, and Andy reveal the winners of the “You know you’re a home brewer when . . . ” contest, read listener letters, and sip rare Belgian beers.

01-24-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Mash Tun Efficiency

“How to Brew” author John Palmer helps us walk through mash tun efficiency – how to get the most out of our mash.

01-17-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Ray Daniels on Beer Education

Ray Daniels introduces us to the Cicerone program, which is designed to educate beer servers and sellers. Also, Ray talks about education opportunities for home and professional brewers.

01-10-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Sourdough Bread

Home brewer and home baker John Owen talks about the similarities between baking and brewing and tells us how to make sourdough bread from scratch.

01-03-08 Basic Brewing Radio – Leftover Brewday

Andy Sparks and Steve Wilkes join James on the patio to brew a partigyle session with leftover ingredients.