Archive for May, 2007

05-31-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Same Yeast, Different Flavor

Neva Parker, laboratory manager for White Labs yeast, explains her experiment putting three yeast strains through various temperatures and gravities.

05-24-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Designing Brewing Experiments

Chris Colby from Brew Your Own magazine walks us through the process of designing experiments in brewing to get accurate, useful results.

05-17-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Conical Fermenters

We talk with members of Fayetteville Lovers of Pure Suds about their fancy fermenters and why they moved up from carboys.

05-10-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Aging with Oak

Dan Carey, Brewmaster of New Glarus Brewing Company in New Glarus, Wisconsin, shares his tips on aging beer in oak chips and in oak barrels.

05-03-07 Basic Brewing Radio – AHA Events

Gary Glass, Director of the American Homebrewers Association, joins us to talk about Big Brew, National Competition and National Conference.