Archive for April, 2007

04-26-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Brewing Software

We read listener reviews of brewing software, and Andy Sparks talks about the Boulder Strong Ale Festival.

04-19-07 Basic Brewing Radio – A Tale of Two IPAs

Chris Colby from Brew Your Own Magazine takes us behind the scenes with the two personalities of one of our favorite styles: English and American IPAs.

04-12-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Batch Sparging with Denny Conn

Noted batch sparging advocate Denny Conn gives us his side of the batch/fly-sparging debate and answers listener questions and concerns about the process.

04-05-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Yeast Life Cycle

David Logsdon from Wyeast takes us through the life cycle of our favorite micoorganism and lets know how we can help our yeast thrive and make great beer.