Archive for January, 2007

02-01-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Mead Festival and Experiment Tips

David Myers from Redstone Meadery gives us a preview of the upcoming International Mead Festival in Denver. David also has some advice for our upcoming multi-batch mead experiment.

01-25-07 Basic Brewing Radio – How to Smell Better

Researcher Dr. Jay Gottfried explains how the sense of smell works and how a study he’s conducting may help us to improve our brews by being able to smell more accurately.

01-18-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Gluten Free Brewing

Connie Rieper-Estes and Leigh Nogy from Dark Hills Brewery talk with us about brewing gluten free beer at home and their dream of founding a commercial gluten free brewery.

01-11-07 Basic Brewing Radio – John Palmer on pH

John Palmer, author of How to Brew, walks us through the potentially intimidating topic of pH. John tells us how to measure pH and what to do with our measurements to improve our beers.

01-04-07 Basic Brewing Radio – Home Brewing vs. Craft Brewing

We get input from our listeners on “home brewing” vs. “craft brewing” and extract vs. all grain.