Archive for November, 2006

11-30-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Ambitious Brew Part One

We learn about the history of beer in the USA from Maureen Ogle, author of Ambitious Brew – The Story of American Beer. Part one takes us from the Pilgrims to Prohibition.

11-23-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Decoction Mashing

Chris Colby, editor of Brew Your Own Magazine, walks us through the age-old process of decoction mashing.

11-16-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Brewing FAQs with John Palmer

John Palmer, author of How to Brew, joins us to answer frequently asked questions on home brewing. John also tells us the causes of common off flavors.

11-09-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Adam Avery of Avery Brewing

Andy, Brian and James spend some time chatting with Adam Avery of Avery Brewing. Adam talks about making the move from home brewer to brewery owner, dry hopping and making big beers at home.

11-02-06 Basic Brewing Radio – HSA Experiment – Final Chapter

Andy Sparks and James Spencer join Brian Warren and John Holder in Denver to taste the last round of samples in the Hot Side Aeration experiment. We also get feedback about the experiment from John Palmer.