Archive for October, 2006

10-26-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Queen of Beers and Recirculating Systems

Rick Sellers from Pacific Brew News Radio reports on a California brewing competition for women only. Also, Chris Colby from BYO explains high-end RIMS and HERMS brewing systems.

10-19-06 Basic Brewing Radio – New Belgium Brewing

We travel to Fort Collins, Colorado to speak with Eric Salazar and Peter Bouckaert of New Belgium Brewing.

10-12-06 Basic Brewing Radio – GABF Beer Judging Demonstration

Thanks to a demonstration hosted by the Brewers Association, we see what happens behind the scenes in the judging of the Great American Beer Festival competition.

10-05-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Homebrewing Contests at GABF

We cover two homebrewing competitions in connection with the Great American Beer Festival: the GABF Pro Am and the Long Shot competition from the Boston Beer Company.