Archive for February, 2006

02-23-06 Basic Brewing Radio – International Mead Festival Recap

Our man in the field, Brian Warren, recaps the recent mead festival in Boulder, Colorado, and bring us interviews with commercial mead makers.

02-16-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Bad Beer Tasting – Pt. 2

We continue our night of bad beer tastes as we dive into part two of our trying the FlavorActive Enthusiast beer taste troubleshooting kit.

02-09-06 Basic Brewing Radio – American Pale Ales

We talk to Chris Colby of Brew Your Own magazine about one of our favorite styles – American Pale Ales. Great taste and easy to brew.

02-02-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Mead with David Myers

David Myers, Chairman of the Mead for Redstone Meadery, joins us to talk about the beginnings of Redstone, the International Mead Festival, and brewing mead at home.