Archive for January, 2006

01-26-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Bad Beer Tasting – Pt. 1

Andy Sparks, Steve Wilkes, and Chris Milum join James to take the FlavorActiv Enthusiast beer taste troubleshooting kit for a test run. The group tastes off flavors that could be found in homebrew and talks about how to prevent them.

01-19-06 Basic Brewing Radio – John Palmer on Lagering

John Palmer, author of How to Brew, joins us to talk about lagering at home. John also defends his choice of aluminum for brewpots.

01-12-06 Basic Brewing Radio – A Six Pack of IPA

James Spencer and Steve Wilkes brew an experimental six pack’s worth of extract IPA on the stovetop.

01-05-06 Basic Brewing Radio – Hop Bitterness

Ray Daniels, author of Designing Great Beers joins us to talk about hop bitterness and the factors in brewing that affect it.