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More great growlers: Bend-based Drink Tanks introduces one-gallon Juggernaut ‘personal keg’ to keep craft beer carbonated and cold

We Oregon beer fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to taking good draft beer with us: a one-gallon insulated, carbonated uKeg in stainless steel sells for $139; the new one-gallon Drink Tanks Juggernaut costs $89, but requires the $45 keg…

uKeg Kickstarter campaign ends with 10,293 pledging $1.5 million for cold, carbonated beer growler

The Portland-designed uKeg growler became the second most-funded project in Kickstarter’s food category and the second most-funded Portland project behind the Coolest Cooler.

uKeg Kickstarter campaign passes the million-dollar mark with a week to go

It’s a pleasure to write yet another post about this Portland innovation surpassing yet another crowdfunding goal — even if it is a day late thanks to a balky blog tool.

Keeping Oregon beer carbonated and cold: uKeg’s Kickstarter campaign nets 10 times its goal with 17 days left

Everybody loves the idea of a growler that keeps your beer cold and carbonated.

Growlerwerks launches its uKeg Kickstarter campaign

UKeg from Portland-based Growlerwerks keeps beer cold, and maintains carbonation, thanks to replaceable CO2 cartidges. The company is starting its Kickstarter campaign tonight with a demonstration party at Hopworks.

Brave new growler: uKeg will keep your beer cold AND carbonated

Some Portland engineers are developing the growler that has everything, and you can see it next Wednesday at Lompoc Sidebar.