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Burnside craft beer dinner reunites original crew at new NW Portland bar

Lightning Will’s Alchemist dinner series prominently features Chef Ronnie Vance’s culinary inventiveness and it begins with "getting the band back together" – a reunion with Burnside Brewing and their fine beers.

At Burnside Brewing, the changing of the guard includes the drinking of the yard

Enough of mega brewers who would be king — of beers. To whet your appetite for your upcoming backstage pass to Oregon breweries, Zwickelmania on Feb. 14, here’s a brief behind the scenes vignette…

Your post-Christmas week: three anniversaries and a peachy new Oregon craft beer

This week: Celebrate the anniversaries of a couple of the places that make this town Beervana.

The days are getting darker but your beers needn’t: Four Oregon seasonal beers that break the mold

Just because the days are getting darker – three weeks to the solstice, saints be praised! – doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a season of big, dark, way-malty beers, especially here in Oregon, where we have lots of great brewers w…

Talk about kegs to go: Rocketeers plan to launch two kegs

The amateur rocketeers of Team Numb have so far launched two beer keg rockets and invented the sport of Kegetry, or Keg-Lofting. Later this month, they’re trekking to the Black Rock desert for their biggest attempt yet, a two-stage beer keg rock…

Burnside releases Couch Lager in cans today; 70+ lagers at White Owl this weekend

Celebrate the resurgence of craft lagers: Try Burnside’s new Couch Lager at the release paty today, and sample from among 70 or more craft lagers at the White Owl’s second annual Lagerfest Saturday & Sunday