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Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival: the beer list for next weekend

The Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival features more than 70 saisons, barrel-aged, fruit, herb, spice, sour, and wild yeast beers that will rotate through, with more than 30 beers on tap at a time. Here’s the list

First Jack Joyce Day and other midweek Portland beer events

Honor Rogue founder Jack Joyce, try some great Breakside sour beers, attend an Upright beer pairing dinner or win a prize with your ugly holiday sweater. It’s a busy midweek in Beervana.

Have another sour beer instead: new study shows Lactobacillus in white bread wards off digestive problems

From again…reasons why white bread may be good for you — but aren’t there other sources of lactobacillus? Such as many tart and sour beers? The choice is clear…Wonder Bread or a great sour beer, which probably also has more B vi…