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New craft beer: Breakside releases Guava IRA today

Breakside’s draft-only Guava IRA sounds like a fascinating beer and you can taste it this evening at Bridgetown Beerhouse.

Breakside, Fathead’s release collaboration craft beer at Saraveza tonight

Here are four mid-week beer events for your calendar, including the release of the first collaboration between Breakside Brewing and Fathead’s.

The days are getting darker but your beers needn’t: Four Oregon seasonal beers that break the mold

Just because the days are getting darker – three weeks to the solstice, saints be praised! – doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a season of big, dark, way-malty beers, especially here in Oregon, where we have lots of great brewers w…

Staying inside? Here are my top three Portland beer fests for this damp Saturday

If you ever doubt that we live in one of the world’s great beer cities, consider that any of the half-dozen beer events happening in and near Portland on this dampish Saturday would be the main event for most towns. But this is Beervana which me…

Peaches, Pro/Ams, Craftylicious and an Oktoberfest from the brewer of America’s best IPA: Beer events for the week of Oct. 10 – 16

It’s a busy beer week in Portland.

PDX Beer Week Wednesday: Breakside’s new sour; Cal brewery night

Here are just two of many PDX Beer Week events for tonight

Breakside block party, mini golf & after-party: lots to do today

No shortage of fun and good beer today…

Breakside Salted Caramel Stout bottle release

Join the Breakside brewers to celebrate the release of Salted Caramel Stout in 22-ounce bottles…

Sour beer showcase; bon voyage to a friend: Beer events for Boxing Day 2013

Sour beer shopwcase at the Green Dragon tonight, plus a going-away pint fo Oregon beer stalwart Morgan Miller at Belmont Station…

Amnesia Solstice Fest, Breakside celebrates 100 beers in 2013: The Beer Here for the week of Dec. 20-26

celebrate the return of the light at Amnesia’s last Portland event Saturday