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Fred Fest, Maifest, Star Wars and IPAs galore: craft beer events for May 1 – 7

A busy craft-beer week in Portland — there’s a surprise!

It’s not too late to get in on Portland’s best craft beer party: Fred Fest tickets still available

Is it CBC burnout or just further proof that Portland is a walk-up town when it comes to advance tickets? Whatever the reason, the fact that there are still some tickets left for Sunday’s Fred Fest at this late date is a rare opportunity for cr…

Fred Fest honors one of the founders of American craft brewing

We wouldn’t be drinking all this great beer if it weren’t for the efforts of Fred Eckhardt.

Hundreds wish Fred a happy 88th at Portland’s best beer party

FredFest has grown into Portland’s best beer party, in large part because of its organizers — Lisa Morrison, Alan Sprints and Preston Weesner — and its legion of volunteers, but mainly because of the man whose birthday we celebrate: Fred Ec…