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The people have chosen: BridgePort’s first Trilogy beer returns as year-round Conviction Pale Ale

Beer fans voted to bring back the first of the three Trilogy beers brewed in honor of BridgePort’s 30th anniversary last year. Taste it at next week’s release party at the BridgePort Brewpub in the pearl, or look for a 6-pack or 22’s in your fav…

BridgePort and OSU brewing students design Trilogy 3 Brewers’ Class, win gold in Europe

BridgePort Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton calls the OSU students the future of American brewing and the gold medal for the beer they helped design for the brewery’s 30th anniversary nicely seconds his assertion.

BridgePort releases Aussie Salute, a tribute to the man and the beer that made Portland an IPA town

Aussie Salute, Bridgeport’s second beer in the Trilogy series is a collaboration with Phil Sexton, the man who created Bridgeport IPA and made Portland an IPA town — an apt way to celebrate the 30th year of Oregon’s oldest craft brewery…