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My OBF began with an Old Town beer tasting in Portland’s shanghai tunnels

The Oregon Brewers Festival is the main attraction this week, but for those of us in (or near) the industry, this is also a week of dozens of tastings, beer releases and informal get-togethers at breweries and with distributors.

Old Town celebrates 40 years — and two WBC medals — Tuesday

Old Town Pizza is a Portland instituion and celebrating 40 years with the help of some great beers from Old Town Brewing and brewer Bolt Minister, whose beers just won two medals at the World Beer Cup

Buckman/Kerns Brewfest; Old Town’s 40th: The Beer Here for the week of April 11-17

Buckman Kerns Brewfest today and tomorrow, bluegrass in the gorge, and Old Town’s 40th on Tax Day features Bolt Minister’s great beers, such as Nina’s Lager, his sublime Pre-Pro lager…