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11-16-17 Against All Hops

Butch Heilshorn, author of “Against All Hops: Techniques and Philosophy for Creating Extraordinary Botanical Beers,” tells us how he brews new beers with roots to the past.

11-09-17 JJ’s Brewing Company

We visit JJ’s Brewing Company in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to talk to Jennifer “Muck” Muckerman and Andrew Porter about brewing American Lagers and other beers to convert customers to local brews.

11-02-17 Saison Yeast Experiment

Homebrewer Joe Covey shares his Saison experiment comparing a split wort fermented with Safbrew T-58 and Danstar Belle Saison yeasts.

10-26-17 Blood Beer

Homebrewer James Sandford talks about how he and his wife, Lucy, rose to the challenge to brew a beer with powdered pig’s blood.

10-19-17 Steve’s Porch Meads

James and Steve take a break after shooting videos to share some of Steve’s meads and talk mead making tips.

10-12-17 Ancient Sumerian Happy Juice

Chris Colby, editor of Beer and Wine Journal, tells us about the wine, honey, bread and beer beverage he brews based on the Hymn to Ninkasi.

10-05-17 Pippin’s Taproom Session Beers

We visit the taproom at High Gravity in Tulsa where Dave Knott, Amanda Schley and Tim Schley give us tips on brewing delicious beers under 4% ABV.

09-28-17 Arkansas Beer

Brian Sorensen, author of Arkansas Beer: An Intoxicating History, joins James on the porch for a couple of beers and a chat on the history of beer in The Natural State.

09-21-17 Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Evan Sallee and Matt Hauck, two of the founders of Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minneapolis, join us to talk about hoppy and sour beers and their business model.

09-14-17 Session Beers with Jennifer Talley

Jennifer Talley, author of Session Beers – Brewing for Flavor and Balance, give us tips on brewing lower gravity beers that are tasty and satisfying.