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The house that Hefeweizen built: 100 days of Hefe celebrates Widmer’s flagship craft beer

Widmer Brothers Brewing will be giving away a bike every day for 100 days in the Portland area this summer as part of the brewery’s second "100 Days of Hefe," which starts Thursday afternoon at the Dublin Pub.

When summer weather arrives, Widmer and Portland Brewing will be ready with new summer beers

The shandy/radler trend — and a fine one it is, make no mistake — just accrued some serious momentum with Widmer’s new Hefe Shandy summer seasonal. It makes you want to find a lawn to mow, and I mean that in the best way…

Oregon’s biggest brewery gets bigger: Widmer plans $10 million expansion in Portland

As part of the $10 million expansion project, Widmer is also building a new state-of-the-art 10-barrel innovation brewery and a tasting room for brewery tours by the end of 2015.

Widmer releases new Oregon-only session beer, Replay IPA

Brewing a less-than-5-percent session beer is tough, but Widmer made a more-difficult flavorful, sub-5-percent IPA

Canny craft beer co-branding: Widmer Hefe now the official Portland Timbers craft beer

This is the perfect opportunity to really taste Hefeweizen anew and dispel the disdain with which beer fans sometimes regard this beautifully made, refreshing and sessionable beer

Widmer’s 30 beers for 30 years nears the end with Pitch Black IPA, KGB Imperial Stout

Widmer Brothers Brewing celebrated its 30th anniversary by bringing back 30 historically significant beers from the vaults. It’s been a gift to Oregon beer fans, a reminder of the depth of talent and brewing passion that reside at Oregon’s large…

30 Beers for 30 Years: Widmer’s craft beer history doesn’t gloss over the dark days

Widmers latest in the 30 Beers for 30 Years commemorate a dark day — and answer the nagging question, "whatever became of that experimental hop variety?"

New Widmer/Shwood collaboration combines Portland craft beer and hand-crafted shades

Portland craftiness at its best: the kit includes hand crafted oak-frame shades from Shwood and a new oak-infused IPA from Widmer.

Taste it today: Oregon’s two biggest breweries combine their iconic beers to create Widmer/Deschutes AltBitter

AltBitter is inspired by two of the first recipes from each brewery and is a unique blend of Deschutes Brewery’s Bachelor Bitter and Widmer Brothers Brewing’s Altbier with a twist.

Widmer Brothers Brewing celebrates 30 years with 10th annual Oktoberfest Saturday

Widmer’s O-fest is many things, including one of my favorite parties of the beer year, but there’s one thing it isn’t: It isn’t happening on Tuesday, as a recent story in The Oregonian — not mine I hasten to say — reported. Nope, show up Sa…