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Giant IPAs and pre-Pro lagers: midweek beer events for May 13-14

Some great new beers are coming out this week, including an Imperial IPA made by three American IPA masters, and released at two of Southeast Portland’s best beer bars…don’t miss it.

It’s not too late to get in on Portland’s best craft beer party: Fred Fest tickets still available

Is it CBC burnout or just further proof that Portland is a walk-up town when it comes to advance tickets? Whatever the reason, the fact that there are still some tickets left for Sunday’s Fred Fest at this late date is a rare opportunity for cr…

There are still special beers to sample from the Craft Brewers Conference: beer events for the week of April 24-30

There are still some great beers left to taste from CBC week, plus a new taproom opens Saturday in historic Oregon City.

Oregon craft brewers made one out of every five beers sold in Oregon in 2014

One of the best attended seminars at the recent Craft Brewers Conference was about what it will take for craft beer to reach the next level, defined in this case as a 20 percent market share, something Oregon brewers achieved last year. Once aga…

Craft Brewers Conference Friday craft beer events: Barley Brown’s fans rejoice!

It wouldn’t do to let all those Craft Brewers Conference attendees go back home without experiencing a tap takeover by one of Oregon’s favorite and winningest brewerys, Barley Brown’s from beautiful Baker City

Craft Beer Conference ends today, but the craft beer events keep coming

Portland’s — the world’s? — first artisan doughnuts/coffee beer festival happens Saturday, as does Rev. Nat’s hopped Cider feat, said to feature the largest such line-up in the world.

Craft Brewers Conference Thursday beer events: Robots poured my beer!

There are events for everybody tonight, including art afficionados, punk rock devotees, cider fans and, of course, beer lovers of all kinds.

Thursday’s Beergasm Fest includes 16 breweries, 32 craft beers

Here’s an open-to-all Craft Brewers Convention-week event that’s too good to get lost in the shuffle.

Craft Brewers Conference Wednesday craft beer events: Meet the man behind Pliny

meet Vinnie Cilurzo, the brewer behind the buzziest of buzz beers, the Russian River Pliny IPAs, get a hit of what industry parties are like at General Distributing’s bash at Henry’s 12th Street Tavern is just the thing, and features more than t…

Oregon’s biggest brewery gets bigger: Widmer plans $10 million expansion in Portland

As part of the $10 million expansion project, Widmer is also building a new state-of-the-art 10-barrel innovation brewery and a tasting room for brewery tours by the end of 2015.