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Fear & Loathing Beer Matinee postponed to Saturday, Feb. 1

The organizer contacted me last night that this event has been postoned from this weekend to Feb. 1 — and the price is lower; Here are the new details,:

Movies & Beer pt. II: The Last Waltz and Lompoc’s Classic Rock IPAs

We Portlanders do love our movies and beer, especially in this weather, and Friday brings us the chance to see Scorcese’s classic rockumentary — would they listen to my pleas for "The Ballad of Mott the Hoople"? No, they would not — and try all of Lompoc’s classic rock collabo IPAs in one place….

Beer & Loathing — make that Fear & Loathing kicks of the Hollywood’s great new film/beer series

Just got word that this event has been POSTPONED to Feb 1, and the price has dropped…The Hollywood Theatre’s new Beer Matinee this sounds like a great idea…especially if the series includes "Brazil" and/or "Forbidden Planet" We’ll have to wait and see…