02-14-19 Golden Ale Yeast Experiment

Kyle Swallow of Twin Lakes Homebrew Club and Rapps Barren Brewing in Mountain Home, Arkansas, talks about an experiment fermenting one Golden Ale wort with 13 different yeasts.

02-07-19 Year-Long Stout Collaboration

Homebrewer Chris McKenzie shares his experience collaborating with five other homebrewers in a year-long experiment to design the perfect stout.

01-31-19 Hawk Moth Brewing

James talks to Bradley Riggs of Hawk Moth Brewing in Rogers, Arkansas - a brewery focused on small batch, old-world-style, wood-aged beers.

01-24-19 Hop Sampler – Willamette, Amarillo, Falconer’s Flight

James and Steve sample an old American standby against a relative newcomer and a hop blend.

01-17-19 Monster Cereal Beer Roundup

We sample a batch of five monster cereal beers brewed from Frankenberry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula.

01-10-19 Mead Yeast Sampler – US-05, S-33, BE-134

Steve splits a batch of mead and pitches three different dry beer yeasts to test the effects of each.

01-03-19 Ivory Bill Brewing

We visit Ivory Bill Brewing in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, where long-time friend of the podcast, Casey Letellier, and his partner, Dorothy Hall, are serving up delicious open-fermented, gluten-reduced, English-inspired beers.

12-20-18 Annual Disaster Show

Steve and James read a ton of letters about homebrewing disasters from listeners across the globe.

12-13-18 Hop Sampler – Lemondrop, German Mandarina Bavaria, and Simcoe

Steve and James taste a batch of hops chosen by Steve's son, Chase, and introduce the concept of Hop Stand Bittering Units (HSBUs).

12-06-18 Loki Yeast Temperature Experiment

Casey Helwig and Jess Caudill from Imperial Organic Yeast help James and Steve evaluate an experiment fermenting a kveik strain at two different temperatures.