09-21-17 Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Evan Sallee and Matt Hauck, two of the founders of Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minneapolis, join us to talk about hoppy and sour beers and their business model.

09-14-17 Session Beers with Jennifer Talley

Jennifer Talley, author of Session Beers - Brewing for Flavor and Balance, give us tips on brewing lower gravity beers that are tasty and satisfying.

09-07-17 Olvalde Farmhouse Ales

Joe Pond, founder of Olvalde Farmhouse Ales, talks about brewing rustic beers based on local and native ingredients on a Rollingstone, Minnesota, family farm.

08-31-17 Imperial Organic Yeast

Owen Lingley, Jess Caudill and Jason Stepper from Imperial Organic Yeast talk about their fairly new company and answer questions from listeners.

08-24-17 Ozark Beer – Berliner, Bucky, and BDCS

Ozark Beer founder, Andy Coates, and head brewer, Jesse Gagnon, talk new building, yogurt-soured Berliner Weisse, Buckminster Fuller-inspired beer, and Bourbon Double Cream Stout.

08-17-17 Home Lab Isolation and Propagation

Zack Taggart, lab manager at 42 North Brewing, continues his presentation on setting up a homebrew lab by talking about isolating and propagating yeast and bacteria.

08-10-17 Ryan Richardson Mead

Ryan Richardson of The Mead House podcast shares half a dozen fun and delicious meads.

08-03-17 56 Brewing

Nick Chute, head brewer of 56 Brewing in Minneapolis, shares some delicious beers and some tips on how to brew similar ones at home.

07-27-17 Home Lab Yeast Analysis

Zack Taggart, lab manager at 42 North Brewing, tells us how to set up our own homebrew lab to analyze yeast health and count cell population.

07-20-17 Matt Weide Mead Experiments

Former meadmaker of the year Matt Weide joins us at HomebrewCon in Minneapolis to share meads made with walnuts, peanuts and ginger. He also shares a couple of bochet (burnt) meads.