05-28-20 Tim Leber Experiments, Part One

Mead maker Tim Leber joins James to share the first of a two-part series. James and Tim taste kveik mead (hopped and unhopped), ice cider, and a beet mead.

05-21-20 Malt Sampler – Vienna, 10L Munich, 20L Munich

James and Steve taste the second round of the malt sampler, comparing three small batches brewed with different base malts. Also, Steve talks about his recent illness, and Gary Glass previews Homebrew Con Online.

05-14-20 Cleaning Principles

Jonathan Ettlie from National Chemicals talks about the TACT WINS strategy of cleaning and whether homebrew sanitizers are effective against coronavirus.

05-07-20 Norfork Brewing and Paw Paw Yeast

Kristy Huff and Ben Folta from Norfork Brewing in Norfork, Arkansas, talk about big capacity, small town brewing and fermenting with a local native yeast.

04-30-20 Keptinis and Other Oven Beers

Lars Marius Garshol, author of Larsblog and Historical Brewing Techniques – The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing, talks about his work documenting traditional beers and trying duplicate them at home.

04-23-20 Isolation Cooking with Beer

Phil Nigash, formerly of My Life as a Foodie - now of cyclingoc.com, talks with James about smart cooking with beer during social distancing.

04-16-20 Hop Sampler – Tettnanger, EKG, Hallertau Blanc

James and Steve practice social distancing while sampling three tasty hops from the Old World.

04-09-20 Defending Brown Ales

Adam Ross, head brewer at Twin Span Brewing, brings a counterpoint defense of Brown Ales in response to Chris Colby's previous rant.

04-02-20 Brown Ale or Brown Fail

Homebrew author Chris Colby gives us tips on brewing the best example of his least favorite style of beer.

03-26-20 Lilly Belle Meads

Tricia and Joe Marshall of Lilly Belle Meads in Lancaster, New York, share five delicious honey-based beverages. Our friend, Paul Morstad, helps to sample.