09-20-18 Hop Sampler – Crystal, Glacier, German Huell Melon

James and Steve taste the fourth in the series featuring single hops brewed into three small batches.

09-13-18 Fal Allen on Brewing Gose

Anderson Valley Brewing Company brewmaster Fal Allen talks about his new book, Gose: Brewing a Classic German Beer for the Modern Era.

09-06-18 Mead Yeast Experiment

Steve shares an experiment fermenting a split batch of mead with three dry wine yeasts.

08-30-18 Mead Bottle Pasteurization Experiment

Home meadmaker Tim Leber shares his experiment using sous vide to pasteurize mead after bottling.

08-23-18 Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Club

Homebrewers Joe Morris, Ed Golden and Bob Keifer join us to share their techniques and recipes for brewing delicious beers without gluten.

08-16-18 Occidental Brewing

We visit Occidental Brewing in Portland, Oregon, to talk to brewer Sam Carroll about brewing delicious German-style beers.

08-09-18 Sake-Beer Hybrid

Homebrewer Kevin McEvoy shares his experiment combining sake and beer fermentations into a single beverage with components of each.

08-02-18 Pichia Apotheca Hybrid Yeast

Dr. Maitreya Dunham of the University of Washington joins us to talk about a new yeast hybrid her lab has isolated from an open fermentation beer. Tim Leber and Norm Kwasinski share mead and beer brewed with the yeast.

07-26-18 Insane in the Yeast Strain

We join Imperial Organic Yeast and Everybody's Brewing to sample two split-wort experiments.

07-19-18 Hop Sampler – UK Fuggle, German Hallertau and Perle

James and Steve taste the third in the Hop Sampler series, featuring hops from the UK and Germany.