03-26-20 Lilly Belle Meads

Tricia and Joe Marshall of Lilly Belle Meads in Lancaster, New York, share five delicious honey-based beverages. Our friend, Paul Morstad, helps to sample.

03-19-20 Malt Sampler – Maris Otter, Golden Promise, Briess Pale Ale

James and Steve venture into the future with a new series, comparing three malts brewed in small batches.

03-12-20 Guile Brews

Homebrewing author Peter Symons talks about his latest historical exploration of beers, Guile Brews, which contains more than a hundred years of recipes from the UK and Ireland.

03-05-20 Homebrew Con and AHA Update

Gary Glass, director of the American Homebrewers Association, joins us to preview Homebrew Con in Nashville in June and other AHA-related topics.

02-27-20 Fort Smith Brewing Company

James travels to the old Fort Chaffee Army base that has a rock 'n roll history and talks to brewer Quintin Willard about his beers and Arkansas Craft Beer Week.

02-20-20 Hop Sampler – Sterling, Triumph, Horizon

Steve and James sample another round of single-hopped small batches, adding some time in the boil to the recipe.

02-13-20 Count Chocula Experiment

Homebrewers Adam Amdor and Roy Ventullo share their experiment comparing milk stouts with and without Count Chocula cereal and one beer with cereal added into the fermenter post fermentation.

02-06-20 Whistling Springs Brewing

In the second part of a chat with brewer Chris Nogy, James samples beers from Whistling Springs in southern Missouri.

01-30-20 Hop Stand Length Experiment

James and Steve test the results of an experiment comparing different hop stand lengths in the Hop Sampler recipe.

01-23-20 Dark Hills Gluten Free Brewery

Chris Nogy of Dark Hills Brewery talks about brewing gluten free beers on a farm in southern Missouri.